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Web Designing Training in Surat

Web design is the need of the hour and gaining popularity worldwide. Looking at the increasing demand of the web designers in the market, we at Wonder Softwares have started web design training in Surat that covers each and every aspect of web design, gives you a strong base and makes you fundamentally strong. So, come and be a part of this fruitful and educational journey by joining the best web designing course in Surat.

Wonder Softwares is the pioneer in the field of Information Technology in Surat and we have started a web design course in Surat that will not only make you a professional in web designing but will shape your career in such a way that you will be known for your web designing skills wherever you work in future. We are the only web designing training company Surat who start from the very basics and fundamentals of web designing and our experienced and learned professionals who provide graphic design training are the experts in their respective fields. Our classroom as well as real-time web design classes in Surat gives you clear insights and in-depth knowledge about the subject which proves to be extremely beneficial in future.

Out of all graphic design courses in Surat, Wonder Softwares has the least web design course fees in Surat which makes it extremely affordable for students and professionals to join our training programs. We provide job oriented graphic design certificate courses, training on internet and web design, courses in multimedia, application software and web design and many other courses that are very beneficial for career perspective in future. This makes us the web design training institute in Surat.

Program Syllabus

  1. Introduction to world wide web
  2. Protocols of www
  3. Hypertext links, url, domain name system
  4. Internet ,Browsers, Website, Webpage, Home page
  1. Introduction Graphics
  2. Color Scheme
  3. Visual communication
  4. laws of design
  1. Tools
  2. Vector design
  3. vector v/s Rastor
  4. creating Vectors
  5. visiting card
  1. Tools
  2. Styles
  3. Adjustments
  4. Layers, Animation
  5. Template designing with Project
  1. Introduction of HTML
  2. The Nature of Web Designing
  3. Web Designing Introduction
  4. Browser Versions
  5. Size and Resolution
  6. Overview of HTML
  7. Basic of HTML
  8. HTML Editor
  9. Elements
  10. Tags
  11. HTML Anchor Tag
  12. Images
  13. Img Element
  14. ImageMap
  15. HTML List
  16. Ordered Lists
  17. Unordered Lists
  18. Nested Lists
  19. Definition List
  20. Tables: Basic Table Markup
  21. Table Tags
  22. Table Structure
  23. HTML Form And Input
  24. HTML Events

Learning Objective: In this module you will learn android location framework like GoogleMaps and Geocoder, which will help you to integrate location related functionality in your applications. You would also learn to draw markers on the map to show targeted locations to user and also perform animated zooming over the map.

Topics : Fetch Users Current Location, Reverse Geocoding using Geocoder, MapFragment, Showing Current Location on Map, Showing Markers on Map, Exploring different Map Types Animated Zooming using Camera


  1. Introduction of CSS
  2. CSS Fundamentals
  3. CSS Boxes and CSS selectors
  4. Types of Selector
  5. HTML Selector
  6. CSS Selector
  7. Specificity in CSS
  8. CSS Box Model
  9. Design Customization with CSS
  10. HTML and Scripting
  11. Embedding Multimedia
  12. Design Project Template structure
  13. Design Customization with Div and Span
  14. CSS Fundamentals
  15. CSS Types
  16. Getting Started with CSS
  17. Font Formatting with CSS
  18. Floating and Positioning
  19. Key Behaviors
  20. Inline Element
  21. Block Element
  22. Clear Floating Element
  23. Positioning and Types
  24. CSS Page Layout
  25. Liquid Page
  26. Fixed Page
  27. Elastic Page
  28. Design all pages as per the menu bar and link all pages to the home page.
  29. Cascade, Precedence, Specificity
  30. And Inheritance in CSS
  31. CSS Layers and Translucency
  32. CSS in Real World
  33. Advanced CSS Web Design


  1. Intro
  2. Border effect
  3. Background effect
  4. Text effect
  5. Transition
  6. Transforms
  7. Animation
  8. Media Queries
  9. Create a Responsive Layout of your previous project.
  1. Html 5 intro
  2. HTML 5 new elements
  3. Forms HTML 5
  4. New HTML 5 tags
  1. Convert template layout into Bootstrap to make it responsive.
  2. Bootstrap
  3. PSD To HTML
  4. Implement flash Presentation as per the Project requirement
  5. Flash Embedded in HTML
  6. Flash Motion
  7. Flash Button
  8. Flash with Sound and Animation


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"i always wanted to learn programming languages but found it challenging. Learning at Wonder Softwares gave me confidence and their easy teaching approach helped me learn fast. Seriously there is so much real-world knowledge here it should be worth way more than what it is!"

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"The best thing about Wonder Softwares is their live projects training. I was looking for something where i can learn by doing. They provided me with projects to work on and that helped me improve my skills. They provided the job in the PHP Development firm. I would like to thank you Wonder Softwares."


"Excellent course that introduces students to android app development through practical and comprehensive topics. Allowed me to build my first app and launch on Google Play Store."

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"I wanted the Basic Developing course to begin my journey as a programmer so I have joined the Wonder Softwares. Best thing is that they provide us the training on client live projects so we got both conceptual and practical knowledge."

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